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Job Center

All approved team members will need to apply for each event that you are able to work. If we are full then you will be added to the waitlist incase we have members call in sick or can't make it. We ask that you please give us 24 hour notice if possible.
Please submit two pieces of legal identification to management within 30 days of being hired, or this can result in holding up any wages owed. 

A. Text 2 photos to 816-739-4466
B. Email 2 photos to
C. Upload 2 forms of ID below

Job                           Pay              Hours         QTY           INFO

Labeling                   $10 hr           2 Max        300+        

Razorback Game    $12 hr                           

Walmart AMP          $12 hr        1-4 hr                         5 hrs +   $100       

Cotton Candy          $12 hr        2 Max              45+               

Warehouse work     Varies       20 hr max

Hog skin cooker     $12 hr         1-4 hrs        40+ hr

Popcorn Popper    $12-$15 hr  No Max                        production REQ

Delivery Drivers     $12 hr                                              

Accounts sales       Varies                                              Commissions

WHEN IS PAYDAY = Depends on venue , May take 7 - 30 days and must have competed all requires by state and federal law.

Contact: (479) 391-2676

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Freedom Kettle Corn Owners
Freedom Kettle Corn Team

Freedom Kettle Corn is the official kettle corn of the Arkansas Razorbacks and the Walmart AMP. Enjoy a delicious snack that is both sweet and salty. All of our kettle corn is gluten-free and non-GMO, making it a great choice for everyone. Try Freedom Kettle Corn today and enjoy a delicious snack that everyone can enjoy!

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