Our Mission

Taste What Matters!

Freedom Kettle Corn will be going full force in popping the best kettle corn all across America starting September 11,2017 in memory of 9/11. We will be taking our new food truck to many States, Small towns and cities to raise funds for several charities and other causes that are so important to us.
Freedom Kettle Corn opens its doors to the first kettle corn cafe in Eureka Springs Arkansas on October 21,2017 in the historical downtown and this will be one of many to "PoP" up across America
 We are in the process of getting our 501(c)3 non-profit status and excited to have the Freedom Kettle Corn Foundation established within six months of our trip. Every bag we pop and sell along our trip we will be funding our foundation so that we can help make a difference in several categories including saving and helping animals, wounded worriers, veterans, The impoverished, Medical and Children issues, addiction and mental illness, Seniors and help heal and make America GREAT!